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Riverdale Paw Pals

On a ship you might hear, “All hands on deck!” At Riverdale Paw Pals you’d hear instead, “All paws on grass!”


   When you arrive at Riverdale, the first thing you’ll notice is the yard – lush, shaded, landscaped, and most of all, played in! A yard is a wonderful thing for dogs and puppies. Every day each of our dogs gets to hunt for bugs, track scents to their hearts’ desire, run through our special doggy playground, or just lounge around in the sunshine (here’s looking at you, Basset Hounds!) The yard is also an asset in our leash training program. We value a sweet relationship with our own pets, so it's only natural to begin training good manners in our puppies as well.

  Beyond socialization, at Riverdale we prioritize health for each critter under our care, young and old alike. It’s no secret that careful breeding is the foundation for good health, so it is our goal to be known for excellence in genetics. You’ll see rows of champions in our pedigrees, but this is only part of the picture. Our adults receive breed-specific health testing, we support our moms with a top-notch diet with supplements customized to their individual needs, and each puppy receives a head-to-tail check up before joining its new family. The health guarantee we provide is a testament to our commitment to stand behind each puppy.

   We have enjoyed raising dogs for 15 years. Our dream is to raise puppies that are show quality that families will love. We pay special attention to temperament to allow our adults to create a lineage that has great temperament traits. Our adults come from champion lines or show lines because we value giving you puppies with great traits. It's also important to provide quality time with our puppies and this is something we enjoy as a family. 












Over the years we have grown partial to four very special breeds: Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds, and Basset Hounds. We believe they are the best in the world, and yes, we are biased! If you also love these breeds and are searching for a new canine companion, you are welcome to visit our home to meet our dogs and puppies. We look forward to sharing our joy with you!

We are USDA licensed and ICAW members.

We remove dewclaws and our puppies are taken to the vet for a full physical exam when they are 6 weeks of age.


Vaccination Protocol - Our puppies are fully dewormed by the time they go home with a variety of dewormers recommended by our vet to prevent a wide range of parasites. 

We will provide the new owner with a record of all the vaccinations and dewormings. 

What we send home -  vaccination history and puppy package.



We're happy to talk or meet any day but Sunday.  

Sales tax is applied when a family comes to personally pick up their puppy. We ask that families please dress modestly.

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