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My husband and I have been raising dogs for 20+ years and we love every minute of it! Our dogs are a part of our family and such a special hobby of ours. Our older children enjoy helping and hanging out with the dogs and puppies whenever they get the chance. We remove dewclaws and our puppies are taken to the vet for a full physical exam when they are 7 weeks of age. Our puppies receive lots of great socialization in the form of toys, playtimes with other puppies, stimulation and handling on a daily basis, and experiencing lot of different floor textures. We feel this really helps them build their confidence and familiarity when they go to their new homes.

Vaccination Protocol - Our puppies are fully dewormed by the time they go home with a variety of dewormers recommended by our vet to prevent a wide range of parasites. 

They also receive a bordatella vaccination (kennel cough), 2 Neopar vaccinations (Parvo), and 2 5-way vaccinations by the time they are 8 weeks old. We will provide tthe new owner with a record of all the vaccinations and dewormings, including the dates and types. 

What we send home - All of our puppies are microchipped and they will also go home with their AKC registration papers (except for an occasional litter of Shih-Chon puppies), their vaccination history, a small bag of puppy food (we feed Royal Canin), a crate, collar and leash, and a comfort blankie with the mom's scent on it. 

We are USDA and BOAH licensed and Canine Care Certified

We reserve Sundays for church and family, so we are not available for phone calls or visits on that day. 

We are required to charge sales tax for any family that comes to personally pick up their puppy.

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