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What New Puppy Owners Say About Puppy Connection...

January 2024 

"Thank you so much for your efforts to get me a new pet. You couldn’t have made a better choice. Foxy (Pomeranian raised by Marion Bontrager) is the perfect fit for me at this time of my life. He is calm, quiet, walks very well on his leash and seems to like me a lot. He follows me everywhere. Before 24 hours living here he was sitting on my lap, eating and drinking and tolerating the crate, which he had to sleep in the first night. Last night I let him lay on the bed, meaning to put him in the crate before I fell asleep, but I fell asleep first. When I woke up at midnight he still lay quietly by my feet, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I get up at 4-4:30am and dress to make coffee for our coffee hour. I took him into the bathroom with me and he used the potty pad perfectly. He loves to walk outdoors and I’m managing three walks a day so far. He is playing with Rosie’s toys and the vet said Rosie’s dry food was good for him. There will never be another Rosie, so maybe it’s just as well he’s not a Chihuahua. Just wanted you to know how thankful I am and how perfectly he fits into my life." -Kathy, Goshen, Indiana

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