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Though I've only been raising dogs a short while, I grew up with dogs and puppies and am excited about this new adventure! My dogs are very well taken care of and are our family pets. They receive lots of attention and my family and I spend a lot of quality time with the puppies. We want to be sure that you get a happy puppy with lots of love from us. 

Our puppies are taken to the vet for a full physical exam when they are 6 weeks of age. Our puppies go home with a one year health guarantee. We do our very best to keep our dogs and puppies healthy and happy.

Vaccination Protocol - Our puppies are fully dewormed starting at 2 weeks of age. 

They also receive their starter puppy vaccinations. 

What we send home -

Our puppies will go home with their vaccination history, a small bag of puppy food (we feed A & P puppy food), and a toy. 

We reserve Sundays for church and family, so we are not available for phone calls or visits on that day. 

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