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Gerald and John

County Line Kennel

   Gerald and John might be the most easygoing father/son team you’ll ever meet. While everyone else in the world is caught up in the rat race, these two march to a different, slower drum. Just about any given moment you’ll find John gently combing out a freshly bathed Shih Tzu, and Gerald crouching down to carefully monitor a new mom at eye-level. They share a quiet passion for dogs, and together they’ve built a canine haven that’s every bit as peaceful as they are.

    John’s special gift is grooming. He has developed a stress-free approach to bath time and haircuts that the adult dogs actually enjoy! The puppies’ coats, nails, teeth, and everywhere in between are under his careful attention. Gerald enjoys getting to know the families who call about the puppies or visit their home. If a family requires transportation, Gerald and John both work closely with Furry Freight to make sure things go smoothly.

    Each dog at County Line Kennel is AKC registered and receives full health exams by the vet on a regular basis, as well as daily exercise and fun outside.

    John and Gerald are licensed and inspected annually by USDA, and are actively involved in the local animal welfare league. They work closely with a Kennel Management Assistance organization to constantly further their expertise.

They reserve Sundays for church and family, so  are not available for phone calls or visits on that day. 

As per Indiana state law, they are required to charge sales tax for any family that comes to personally pick up their puppy.

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