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On each puppy's profile, you can view the information for the breeder and -

if you're local - you can set up a time to meet the puppy!

There is also an excellent puppy transportation option that you can check out on our "Transportation" page.
To speak with a Puppy Connection Matchmaker, feel free to call or text 574-221-0326.

We will provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the process of bringing your new family member home!

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The breeders we choose to work with and feature all have one thing in common - they love their dogs! They seek to improve the breed's health and personality so that the next generation of family companions will live healthy lives and be a blessing to their new homes.


We have over 15 years of experience in showing, breeding, photographing, and studying dogs, as well as teaching courses in grooming, breeding, conformation, and genetics. 

Combining the tried-and-true, proven method of breeder-to-family puppy adoption with the contemporary ease of online browsing, Puppy Connection gives new puppy owners a genuine experience when it comes to purchasing a new puppy. We understand that families need a responsible, authentic, and caring place to help them through the process of adopting a new family member. We have over a decade of experience pairing puppies with families and are committed to ensuring that each puppy finds the right home. We make it easier - and safer - to find a puppy for sale that meets the specific needs of your household. Finding the right match is critical to the happiness of you and your new puppy!

Start looking for your perfect new puppy today!

We connect people and puppies. It's that simple. 

Putting prospective new puppy owners in touch with responsible breeders who love their dogs. 

Search for Small Puppies for Sale From Your Home

Our online store allows you to browse a wide selection of puppies of various sizes and breeds. We also maintain a list of upcoming litters. You can learn more about each puppy, including its date of birth and a short description of its personality. Pictures and videos are also available.

Puppy Connection has helped many puppies find their forever homes through our online store. Our puppies are also available to families throughout the country. Whether you are local or  live in  another part of the US, we can help you find a puppy that is perfect for you!

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